MEF Grant Application

Thank you for your interest in a grant from Munster Education Foundation (MEF).  It is our mission to help fund innovation in the classrooms of School Town of Munster. MEF has established two grant cycles per school year (awarded in mid-October and mid-March) and will only honor requests during those times. Please read the following guidelines for submissions to ensure your request is considered.

  • Deadline = Sept. 29 before 5 p.m. Any grant requests which come in after a stated deadline will be held until the next cycle.
  • Incomplete or unsigned applications will not be considered.
  • Top consideration is given to the following types of projects:
    • Provide innovative and/or experiential learning experiences
    • Impact a large number of students
    • Staff/teachers have come together to submit a grade/department/elementary level grant
    • Are sustainable and do not have other means of funding
    • Advance diverse, equitable, and inclusive educational experiences/opportunities for all Munster students
    • During the 2020/21 school year MEF will also provide further consideration to grants related to virtual learning and ones support our core value of "advancing diverse, equitable, and inclusive educational experiences/opportunities"
  • MEF will consider releasing up to $2,000 per grant application.
  • If project cost is over $2,000, please indicate if other sources (such as PTO, corporate sponsors or fundraising) will be sought.
  • MEF generally considers funding projects for a maximum of three years.
  • If a project is annual and continues to be dependent on outside resources, the Foundation may approve it as a repetitive grant. Repetitive grants compete for funding from a separate, smaller budget and still require application submittal.
  • Speaker credentials should be included for any funds to be used for guest lecturers.
  • The Foundation does not grant money for stipends, grant application preparation, projects involving college credit, incentives, salaries, items or materials used for resale or travel expenses including meals, transportation or lodging.
  • We reserve the right to review your request with the district’s Director of Curriculum.
  • Notification of your grant status will be completed within one month of the grant deadline.
  • Checks will be written directly to the school for use or for reimbursement to educator.
  • If your grant is approved, please note the following requirements:
    • MEF's funding should be recognized publicly, such as on social media, signage/announcements at an event, press releases/emails, labels of purchased materials, etc.
    • Once your grant is finished submit this form with all of your receipts and photos to finalize. Note: MEF reserves the right to utilize these photos for marketing purposes.

Questions or concerns may be directed to the Grants Committee Chair Kristen Smith, .