Teacher of Merit Award

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Supporting our Teachers

The Teacher of Merit Award program began in 2015 and awarded over $1.3 million to Munster educators before it concluded in 2020! Thank you to Mr. Mansueto, the Munster community members who supported the award, Teacher of Merit Committee members, and of our course all our Munster teachers for their dedication to our students.

It was established through a generous donation in 2015 from Munster High School graduate, and Morningstar founder, Joe Mansueto to help retain high-quality Munster teachers. The fund provided all teachers, who have ranked in the top two district evaluation categories and are returning to the district for the next year, with a monetary award.


Testimonials from two Munster teachers, Leigh Ann Westland and Amanda Jez, as they talk about the importance of the Teacher of Merit Award and the support from the Munster community.