We're Awarding More Grants than Ever This Year

Last year, the Munster Education Foundation nearly doubled its grant-making budget, awarding $40,525 in grants across our five schools. This year, in honor of our 30th anniversary and thanks to generous donations, MEF will seek to award $120,000 in grants.

New this year: monthly grant awards. Formerly awarded biannually, these grants will span an array of initiatives, from foundational academics to whole-child supports to co-curricular enhancements by classroom, grade, school, and district wide.

Apply for a grant today!

Grant deadlines are the 15th of each month, with notification of approvals made by the 15th of the following month. Grants may be used to support innovative and experiential experiences that benefit students in any Munster public school.

Any educator may request a grant, including teachers, aides, administrators, parents, and community members. Questions? Contact MEF Grant Committee Chair Wendy Bockelmann.

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